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LightTags - Set of 3

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Hate seeing your food go to waste? Our LightTags help you always remember to reach for those leftovers by helping make sure you notice them.

When you open the fridge and see a yellow light-- it's time to use it or lose it.

LightTags are reusable and easy to set with the click of the Ovie button. 
Press once for every day you want to track, up to 30 days.

The light ring on the Tag indicates what stage the tracking is in:
- Teal = still tracking
- Yellow = last 24 hours
- Red = out of time

Great for meal-prepping, leftovers, takeout and opened dips and dressings.

Includes(3) LightTags and (3) reusable sticky connectors, (3) coin cell batteries

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    How it works

    With patented technology, and a smart-sensing light ring that helps you track the status of your food, you'll know at a glance what you need to prioritize. 


    LightTags are set with the click of the Ovie button: once for every day you want to track, up to 30 days.

    The light ring on the Tag indicates what stage the tracking is in:
    - Teal = still tracking
    - Yellow = last 24 hours
    - Red = out of time

    Have trouble with colors?
    No problem.

    To accommodate our color-challenged friends, our lights are designed to blink at different rates as they change colors for each stage. They're the slowest in the main tracking stage (Teal) and speed up on the last day (Yellow). Red is the most rapid to show it's out of time.


    How do LightTags work?

    Light Tags track food freshness by setting a timer with internal sensors. Simply push the Ovie button to set the desired tracking duration. The light ring indicates the status, and to wake it up, press the Ovie button, blinking for each remaining day.

    Should I tag everything in my fridge?

    LightTags aren't necessary for everything in your fridge. Use them for foods prone to being forgotten or items of high value, like baby food. They're also helpful for communication within your household about shared items.

    What do the colored lights stand for?

    - Teal light: More than 24 hours left on your timer
    - Yellow light: Less than 24 hours left on your timer (make this one a priority!)
    - Red light: Time has run out


    Color: Pale gray

    Dimensions: 1.25 x 1.25 x .75 inches

    Weight: .07 ounces each

    Dust and water-resistant for easy cleaning.

    Designed in Chicago.
    Globally sourced.
    Assembled in USA.

    All packaging is compostable or recyclable.

    Shipping & Guarantee

    Ovie LightTags ship anywhere in the continental US with a standard flat shipping rate of $5.

    Shipping to Alaska & Hawaii calculated at checkout.

    Don't love saving food & money? Hassle-free money-back returns within the first 30 days.

    1-year manufacturer warranty.

      Main image for Ovie LightTag set of 3 on stylized all-pale green background. All 3 LightTags are lit up and propped on food containers that are colored pale green to match pale green background. Image is propped with brussels sprouts and a half of an avocado
      Close up photo of a fridge shelf with olipop soda and takeout container. Ovie LightTag lit up teal on top of the takeout container and one LightTag can be seen through the shelf to the shelf below where it is on a dressing container
      LightTags - Set of 3
      Photo of hip young woman holding beautiful food in cool ello container with Ovie LightTag lit yellow on top. She&
      Closeup photo of charcoal gray food storage container on shelf in fridge with one Ovie LightTag on top that is lit up yellow.
      Close up image of Ovie LightTag and connector landing on top of takeout container. Ovie LightTag is lit up yellow and everything but the LightTags is colored pale green
      Photo of 3 food prep containers sitting on all marble counter with marble background. Each container has an Ovie LightTag lit up on the face of the container-- the middle LightTag is lit up yellow
      Close up photo of yogurt container with Ovie LightTag tracker on the top
      Closeup photo in fridge showing dressing container in back of fridge with a lit up Ovie LightTag that is glowing.
      Close up of Ovie LightTag lit teal on top of clear food storage container with salad inside
      Photo of cute, hip, blond, Gen Z woman happily sitting on the floor, eating salad and watching her ipad. The lid to her food container is sitting next to her on the floor with an Ovie LightTag on top that is lit yellow.

      6 month battery life

      Uses common replaceable battery.

      No app needed!

      Time Based tracking


      Save thousands of $$$ by not wasting food

      Things You'll love

      • Stick it anywhere

        Works with most food storage: glass, metal, plastic, ceramic and waxed papers.

      • Eco-friendly

        Reusable to help prevent food waste in your home.

      • Easy-care

        Dust-proof, water-resistant and easy to clean to be used again and again.

      • Saves money

        Wasting food wastes money. Cut out unnecessary grocery runs by eating what you have.

      How LightTags Work

      Show us how you #SaveTheCarrots


      What People Are Saying

      So thankful for these LightTags! I finally don't have to rely on my memory for when we need to eat things. They're perfect for my leftovers!

      Lindsay A.

      Our kids don't always eat food the first time we serve it so we love that LightTags are a great reminder to eat the food we've already made.

      Neil H.

      I'm really good at remembering leftovers but terrible at remembering when I've opened a yogurt or hummus. These Tags are great for things like that!

      Evan D.

      They're just so cute and so helpful!!

      Iyla T.

      I finally don't have to worry that my aging mom is going to eat something she shouldn't when she comes over. When the light goes red, she knows not to eat it. Simple as that.

      Sara M.