Eat your food before it goes bad.


Ovie Smarterware keeps track of it, so you don’t have to think about it.


The average American throws away 40% of the food they bring home.

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This is a SmartTag

The heart of Ovie. It's removable, waterproof, and it has a light ring to help you quickly know the state of your food.



Smart can be simple.

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Step 1: Press the button on your SmartTag.


Step 2: Tell Alexa what you're saving.

Step 3: Ovie does the rest.


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Open your fridge and know exactly what to eat.

Anyone who opens your fridge will see the SmartTags glowing green, yellow, or (hopefully not!) red, making family meal planning a breeze.



Get notified at the *right* time (not *all* the time.)

Notifications sent to your phone will help you know all of the food in your fridge that needs to be checked.  Ovie only sends  notifications to your phone once a day and only at the time you choose, so no information overload.


Eat more home cooked meals.

About 50% of meals are eaten outside of the home. This wastes money and isn’t as healthy as eating home cooked meals. We get it--life is busy, and making dinner can be challenging. But for most of us, dinner is already in the fridge. With timely left-over reminders and inspiring recipe suggestions (using ingredients we know you already have!), Ovie helps you find it.


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Tag the food you love so you can actually eat it.

Whether you’re a take out afficionado or a fresh food fanatic, Ovie will help you to use all of your food and waste none.



See how we do it.

check out the video below.


Change your habits. Reduce your footprint.


Ovie was founded with a clear goal: reduce food waste.

Americans waste 31 million pounds of food every year costing families around $2,000 and wasting precious environmental resources.  We created Ovie Smarterware to help solve this problem.

Eating the food we already have is just one piece of the puzzle to reducing food waste.  A lot of organizations are working to make an impact on this and we're excited about that.  Ovie is a member of Pledge 1% - we've committed to give 1% of our profits and our time to combatting food waste and food insecurity around the world.

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