Freshness tracking made simple.

Ovie LightTags are a new patented freshness tracking system that use colored lights as alerts to ensure that only fresh food gets eaten.

Like a stoplight for your food.

  • Stylized mostly-teal image focused on jar with Ovie LightTag on top lit up red

    Red light: Don't eat

    Avoid eating foods that may have gone bad and can make you sick.

  • Stylized mostly-teal image focused on jar with Ovie LightTag on top lit up yellow

    Yellow light: Eat today

    Eat foods that need to be prioritized before they go bad.

  • Stylized mostly-teal image focused on jar with Ovie LightTag on top lit up teal

    Teal light: Eat anytime

    Eat any food with a teal light with confidence, knowing that they are all still safe.

  • Easy to attach

    Our LightTags change color to indicate food freshness at a glance.

  • Easy to set

    Simple setup and easy to understand, Ovie fits seamlessly into your life.

  • Easy to understand

    Knowing your baby's food is fresh means one less worry in your busy day.

Use for food safety

Tag leftovers and opened items with the number of days that food will remain good. You determine the number of days the LightTags track based on the food you are saving.

Every time the fridge is opened, the lights turn on and show you teal, yellow or red lights.

All you need to remember is "Don't eat the red!"

See Explainer video

Use for meal planning

Tag prepared meals so that the yellow is the signal for what to eat each day.

With a time-based system like LightTags, you can Tag foods for weekly meal prep so that as the days pass, new ones turn yellow each day.

All you need to remember is "Eat the yellow today."

See explainer video

Buy for bulk and wholesale

Ovie's scalable system is great for individual families or for managing food for multiple clients. We can work directly with you to get the solution that's the perfect fit for your food tracking needs.

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What customers are saying

Got this for my parents! They sometimes forget when we go out to dinner and bring leftovers home. They don't have a great sense of smell so can't do the "sniff test" to ensure it's still good. I'm always afraid they're going to get sick. Having a red light for when food stops being fresh is a game changer for my peace of mind!

Lindsay A.

This is a huge upgrade from the sticky note system I've used before. Actually having a light on the food that gets my attention when I open the fridge? Genius.

Brandon L.