The story behind Ovie

A beautiful, delicious home-cooked meal was made and eaten. Leftovers went in a container. Container went into the fridge.

A 2 weeks later we found the container pushed to the back and moldy.

Insert that feeling of failure once again.

We vowed to find a way to do better. When we couldn't find anything in the world that actually helped, Smarterware was born.

Image of 3 food prep containers on marble background and graphic over the middle one with an emoji finger pointing to the one with the lit up yellow Ovie LightTag and the words "Lunch today!"

Make it easier

Finding what you need to use in the fridge is always an adventure.

Moving containers, smelling things, trying to remember when you saved something.

With LightTags, knowing what you need to eat becomes simple- use the yellow ones first or they'll go bad.

Once quick glance will guide you.

Photo of cute baby in high chair being fed homemade applesauce out of food storage container. Container lid with Ovie LightTag lit up yellow is sitting on high chair tray

Save people money

Every time you throw out food in your fridge, you're throwing out the money that you spent on it.

It gets worse.

Every time you toss that food, you have to replace it with something else- so you magnify the money you waste every time you toss out a half-eaten burrito or half-full container of yogurt.

Photo of cute, smiling, dark skinned millennial woman standing in white and black kitchen holding a bit of food in one hand and her phone in the other.

Be more mindful

Every decision we make is aimed at helping you be mindful of what you have, or of us be mindful of how we make our products.

From our manufacturing (assembled in the US) to our packaging (all parts compostable or recyclable), we're working hard at Ovie to make sure that we feel great about the impact we make.

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