Lit up Ovie LightTags arranged on various all-green food containers on modern green background

Collection: Ovie Smarterware Sets

LightTags are a total game changer for your fridge!

Whether it's helping you remember when you saved your food or helping others know what they should eat first, the simple light system saves both mindspace and money.

Available in 3, 6 and 9 LightTag sets, you can track your leftovers or create a fridge communication for your family at whatever scale fits you best.

Looking for bigger quantities?

Wholesale and bulk discounts available to companies or individuals looking to buy in quantities of more than 24 LightTags.

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So thankful for these LightTags! I finally don’t have to rely on my memory for when we need to eat things. They're perfect for my leftovers!

Lindsay A.

They're just so cute and so helpful!! 😍

Iyla T.

Our kids don't always eat food the first time we serve it so we love that LightTags are a great reminder to eat the food we've already made.

Neil H.

I'm really good at remembering leftovers but terrible at remembering when I've opened a yogurt or hummus. These Tags are great for things like that!

Evan D.

I finally don't have to worry that my aging mom is going to eat something she shouldn't when she comes over. When the light goes red, she knows not to eat it. Simple as that.

Sara M.
Photo of hip blond Gen Z woman looking at her ipad while sitting on the floor and eating a salad out of a porter bowl. Top of the porter container is sitting on the floor next to her and has an Ovie LightTag on top that is lit up yellow

Remember every bite

LightTags alert you to the foods you need to prioritize every time you open the fridge. When the LightTag turns yellow, you know you've got less than a day of tracking left.

Photo of woman putting 4th bottle of expressed breastmilk into small cooler bag. All 4 bottles have Ovie LightTags on top that are lit up in teal

Make prioritization easier

When you upgrade from the tape-and-marker system, you can make sure that anyone in your fridge easily sees which bottle to use (or freeze!) before you lose that liquid gold.

Photo of woman taking small baby food container with Ovie LightTag lit up yellow on it. There are other foods with and without LightTags around fridge.

Teach her to reach for the yellow

Encourage their independence while ensuring they're eating what you want them to by using the colored lights as a guide.

Yellow or teal is good to go! Red means stop.

What you'll love

  • Bright Light Ring

    Open the fridge and instantly know which food to use next with the colored light codes.

  • Use on anything

    Remove, reset, re-stick. Use again & again to track your foods.

  • Earth-friendly

    Waste significantly less of the food you buy. Save your money & the planet.

  • Guaranteed

    Don't love how much you save? 30 day money-back guarantee.