Ovie gives peace-of-mind by ensuring your baby's food is always fresh

Ovie's innovative freshness tracking takes the guesswork out of your baby's meals. Our LightTags alert you before food turns, ensuring every bite is safe and nutritious. Focus on the joys of motherhood, not on checking expiration dates

What customers are saying

Our kids don't always eat food the first time we serve it so we love that LightTags are a great reminder to eat the food we've already made.

Neil H.

Now I don't have to ask my mom what I can have in the fridge. If it's green or yellow, I know it's okay to eat.

Finley K.
  • Simple Freshness Indicators

    Our LightTags change color to indicate food freshness at a glance.

  • Designed for Busy Parents

    Simple setup and easy to understand, Ovie fits seamlessly into your life.

  • Peace of Mind

    Knowing your baby's food is fresh means one less worry in your busy day.

Perfect for purees

When baby is trying new foods and still deciding what she likes, LightTags help you know which containers are open and still good to eat so it's easy to see when you open the fridge.

Simply push the Ovie button once per day the food will stay good and we'll track from there.

Let the lights guide you

Stick a LightTag on top of a freshly pumped bottle & push the button 4 times (for 4 days). The timer is set and you can forget can stop stressing about

Open the fridge and grab any milk with a teal or yellow light and you'll know it's still good to go.

No need for first-in-first-out. When the light is yellow, you are within the last 24 hours of time, so you can prioritze without the hassle.

"The yellow are for you"

Great for helping your littles with independence, Ovie LightTags are an easy shorthand for your family to know what's good for them to grab.

LightTags turn yellow in the last day of tracking, so push the button once to tag today's snacks

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